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Tips For Getting Cheap Hotel Deals

Travelling overseas for work or pleasure should be a worry-free experience. However, many travelers often face the difficulty of finding cheap hotel deals, which is especially important when on a tight budget. Saving travel costs on a stay at a reasonably-priced accommodation goes a long way in making your trip more pleasant as you can then focus your budget planning on the trip proper instead.

Looking for the best deals can be a frustrating process if you do not know how and where to look, as there is a large amount of information about hotel deals online and offline to sort and process. I shall thus help to make your search for the best hotel deals a more systematic one by offering the following tips and advice.

1. The Internet is home to great hotel deals.

The Internet can provide comprehensive information about the hotel deals which best suits your budget. The numerous online aggregate travel sites contain a wealth of information about hotels, thanks to their partner suppliers’ links to many hotels worldwide. To sort and narrow down your search effectively, you can take advantage of these sites’ search and compare functions, which can compare the rates among different hotels in their database which have similar characteristics that suit your search criteria. This way, you can easily compare the rates of hotels within the same area, with similar names or with the same star rating, among other selectable sorting criteria.The most important benefit of booking your hotels through the aggregate travel sites is the presence of best rate guarantees, special deals and discounts which may not be available if you book directly through the hotels’ websites. However, you should take note of the accompanying fine print before making your booking, as there may be additional charges or non-refundable clauses involved, among others.

2. Search for online portals that offer cheaper options during peak travel periods.

You may discover that hotel prices are generally higher during the peak seasons which could include long vacation periods during the summer, during major local festivals and events or during the weekends, among others. This is because hotels generally raise their rates due to the influx of tourists. However, there are some online portals that do specialize in offering cheaper deals during such periods. Hence it is a good idea to book your hotels through these websites, such as one that I will mention below, to ensure that your hotel costs remain affordable.

3. Select a hotel further from the city centre.If staying in a centrally-located hotel is not a must for you, you may consider accommodation that is located further away from the city centre as these hotels usually cost less. Here, you may even find smaller local independent hotel chains which provide a comfortable stay and charge lower room rates than more well-known ones.

4. Look out for offers and deals whenever you book your hotel.

Many websites offer limited time offers and deals for selected hotels in your chosen destination when you book with them. Hence, be alert and do a search on which hotels offer such promotional deals as booking a discounted hotel can save you more money than you can imagine. However, do pay attention to the stipulations, commonly in the form of a minimum number of nights’ stay, that have to be met before you can enjoy these deals.

Chicago Cheap Hotel Deals

If you do you homework you will find in Chicago cheap hotel deals. One thing to consider is where you stay. For instance you could stay at the The Days Inn on 644 W. Diversey Parkway which is just a few miles from downtown in the Lincoln Park area and for this reason offers cheaper rates and less expensive parking.

Another thing to keep in mind when searching for hotels is do they offer a free breakfast and can you get discounts for multi night stays.If you don’t know too much about Chicago here is some information for you.

Winters are long and heavy snowfall can impact on the ability to undertake outdoor activities. If you suffer from allergies you may find late summer and the early fall uncomfortable.

As Chicago is a big city you need to take the same care as you would in any other large city around the world. You should be able to go about you day to day activities, with little or no impact from crime, politically motivated violence, terrorism or civil disorder. There are obviously some places to avoid such as the depressed neighborhoods but the majority of greater Chicago is mostly safe and it is an enjoyable city to visit.

You may have heard of Chicago being called “the windy city”. This is not in fact related to weather but due to the boasting of local politicians in the 1800’s. Despite that it can be quite windy as the wind howls between the tall downtown buildings.If you get some Chicago cheap hotel deals and are a sports lover you have plenty of teams to check out. Chicago has two baseball teams, the Cubs and the White Sox, the Bulls in the NBA, the Bears in the NFL, the Blackhawks and Wolves for ice hockey and the Fire for the MLS.

Overall Chicago should be a city you consider visiting, there is plenty to see and do.

Tips on How to Get Cheap Hotel Deals in Europe

Have you been working too hard lately and have been longing to go on a long vacation away from all the stresses of your everyday life? Or maybe you had been so used to the area you are living in and had been dreaming of getting away from it all with a change of scenery? Then a trip to somewhere in Europe may just do the trick.

Many people dream all their lives to visit the historic places in that continent, wanting to see for themselves the places where royalty once ruled and how their cultures evolved.

Imagine yourself strolling along the banks of the River Thames in London, or enjoying brunch and coffee at a quaint little café in Paris or viewing the historic landmarks of Rome with an ice cream cone in your hand. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?However, going on a trip to Europe may be a little expensive. If you are on a tight budget, but still want to go see the sights there, then you may need some pointers on how to get the best and cheapest hotel deals in Europe.

To really help your budget go a long way, it is best if you book your hotels during off-peak season. The rates are much lower during this time, as there are less people visiting. You only need to do a little bit of research on which times during the year are busy for tourism, then book your trip at the opposite dates. You could also try booking your hotels at travel aggregate sites. They can offer you the cheapest deals available, which may also include cheap flights to Europe if you wish.

If you feel like visiting the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum in Paris, then you can get some of the best hotel rates from D’Anjou, Best Hotel, Mister Bed City and Villa Du Maine. The room rates are affordable in these hotels, which are from €54 to €70 per night.

Are you interested in architectural history and would like to look up at the La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona? Getting really cheap hotel deals here may take you a little way away from the center of Barcelona. The cheaper hotels are usually between 28km to 10km away from the city center, but the room rates are quite cheap at €52 to €58 per night. If you are willing to pay a bit more to be closer, then be prepared to shell out at least €71 per night. Choose rooms from Terrassa Park, Rafael Hoteles Badalona, Don Candido and Aranea.Wanting a taste of Berlin’s history should not be difficult. Get the best deals from Agon Opera, Comfort Lichtenberg and Holiday Inn Berlin Schoenefeld Airport, where room rates start from €57 per night.

Getting hotel deals in London is not as cheap as in mainland Europe, unfortunately. Room rates start from €66 per booking in this city. However, the city is easy to get around in and if you can read this article, then communication will certainly not be an issue. You can choose affordable rooms from County Hotel Woodford, Alexandra Hotel, Best Western Cumberland and Central Park.